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KilConfirmed - Bloody High Claw (Free Download)

an Alternative/Electronic song titled “Bloody High Claw”, Inspired by Street Fighter’s flamboyant ‘Vega’ character. The song is comprised is slowed vocals and sped glockenspiels across an eerie organ and upbeat drums.

KilConfirmed - Worst Behavior (Nefarious Rmx)

LegendBound producer KilConfirmed does a bass-filled Trap flip on Drake’s latest single “Worst Behavior”.

KilConfirmed - Most H.I.G.H.

LegendBound producer “KilConfirmed” offers his latest EDM/Trap Effort “Most H.I.G.H.” Take this acid trip all through the chopped beat and hype samples.

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Armani White’s T.O.L.L. (To Our Lost Loves) series returns today with its second release; the Freddie Joachim assisted track “Call Out My Name”. The song paints the up and down sequences of a premature love story between two avid adolescents. The full T.O.L.L. project is slated to be finalized and released within the coming weeks.

Armani White - No Rewind (Produced by LSMi)


This track, “No Rewind”, marks the beginning of Armani White’s T.O.L.L. section of releases. T.O.L.L. (To Our Lost Loves) brings a more emotional side of the LegendBound artist’s craft to the drawing board with music involving breaks-up, make-ups and smooth talking poetic efforts. On No Rewind White recaps a lost relationship moment by moment all the way back to the first day then fast forwards all the way to what they could’ve been; only to realize that no matter how many times he sets the clock back.. We can’t rewind time.


Armani White - The Opening Act EP (Full Stream/Download)

FULL PACKAGE DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: http://www.hulkshare.com/dl/xi6r6brp4xkw/Armani_White_-_The_Opening_Act.zip?d=1


Armani White brings forth the blend of a double-time choppy flow and the state of mind an inner city Philadelphia adolescent pushing a dream. After being co-signed by G.O.O.D. Music family member ‘Tony Williams’, Armani White finally releases his preview project, a retrospect EP titled “The Opening Act”, a segment in a five-project ideal. The EP surfaces a balance of original tracks and the classic hip-hop ‘Jackin’ For Beats’ mixtape agenda with a fresh new level charisma and potential.




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Armani White - Girlfriend (Produced by Qwon Don)

Journal Entry 11/5/12: Believe In Yourself


Armani White has imposed that with every new release, it will be followed with a journal entry from him, starting off with this one, NuGawdFlo.

Journal Entry:

  • Aside: Sorry, i’ll start by saying that. I’ve been so out of contact, no consistent music since The Knowing and Malfunction. Sorry for letting others dictate what i do ultimately rsulting in me giving you all less music. Sorry for relying on someone; giving someone else a task (that they weren’t even slightly reliable with) in attempts to try and give you more a one time. I know how hard it is to stay connected with someone who can’t even hold your attention. So coming from a kid with ADD, I promise to keep let go of all of the long break periods from here on out. NO MATTER WHAT DEPENDS ON IT!

Devon breaches the structure of gods for the first two minutes and I rebuilt the crash site with GAWDS! We recorded this a while back, both our ideas to do this instrumental. I went to my cousins church in New Jersey over this weekend, the first time in at least 3 months; when I was younger the people of church always seemed so joyous and pain-free. I’ve noticed that, to me, the crowd of the church congregation altered and took a complete turn as far as incentives go.

 The people are just as excited and ready for worship but as my eyes grow wiser over ages i began to see that they’re glee is where their sorrow hides. It begans to become a gathering of people who’ve given up on alot of things and turned to a higher being to drag them out of turmoil. Not everyone, but alot of them aren’t there for their faith in a religion but their temporary hope for a better circumstance. 

As a christian, I never fully understood why we are suppose to love god but at the same time fear him.. The loving and almighty god, are he at risk of attack by him? Is the fate of humanity relying on his mood swings? Is It better to honor him out of faith or out of fear? They differ too much to say both.

People rely on God so much that they forget to do for them, believe in themselves, Their laziness than gets blamed on “God”. Nah, I’m not one to force religion but if you have one how about you just: Believe In Yourself and Have Faith In God.

- ArmaniWhite

Armani White | Dev Ultra - NuGawdFlo